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Engage with your customer across all social media platforms
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It’s now super easy for your customers to reach out to you since we give the omnichannel ability. Simply,
you can resolve queries or live chat with your customers from a single console that goes beyond platforms.

Give your visitors the ability to resolve their queries on your website.

Make Facebook Messenger your playground. Generating leads has
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You can now answer comments and help your customer/visitor further since the comments redirect back to your omnichannel inbox. Isn’t this just super handy!

We all love our texty customers. Help your customers out by live chatting with them through our one size fits all Unified inbox.

Automate your Telegram marketing and use broadcasting to improve your
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Turn your visitors into customers. Get their info in your
BotPenguin’s Unified Inbox

Presenting our almighty

Search through conversations with the search feature.

Keeping it simple and

Filter conversations based on your parameters to have better
streamlined conversations with different customers. No
confusing jibber jabber anymore!

Tags and notes makes you forget me not

You can now easily sort conversions using tags and keep hold
of important details using notes. Quite similar to sticky notes,
but better.

BotPenguin is super compatible with other chat tools!

Enjoy a myriad of possibilities with BotPenguin’s integrations. We made it super friendly so that all the chat tools could be used to make your customer’s experience seamless.

Automate your business with BotPenguin’s Unified Inbox